Informative articles by Viv’s in-Houz spa on massage therapy, facials, waxing, body scrubs, & other beauty treatments to inspire your wellness and self-care goals.

  • Even without your regular facials, facial masking once or twice every week makes a huge difference. Here is a mask made of lemon, turmeric & baking soda, readily available ingredients that are possibly sitting in your kitchen drawer.

    Lemon, Turmeric & Baking Soda Home-made Facial Mask

  • sugar wax dripping from a spatula

    In this article, we explain why waxing hair removal hurts and compare its pain level to other beauty treatments. We also show a short video of a fairly painless underarm sugar waxing.

    How Painful is Waxing?

  • Waxing hair removal by Viv's in-Houz Spa, a mobile spa in Nairobi and outskirts

    Learn what waxing hair removal is, how sugar waxing is done, and its pros and cons of waxing in comparison to shaving and the use of depilatory creams.

    Pros & Cons of Waxing vs Shaving

  • With active lifestyles, relaxation and rejuvenation is an integral part of our wellbeing and balance in life. Nonetheless with busy work schedules, family commitments and the annoyance of traffic in Nairobi, one of the things taken off our agenda is time for ourselves

    A Home spa experience: To Relax, Reset, & Recharge

Last Updated on February 4, 2024