How Painful is Waxing?

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In this article, we compare the pain levels of different beauty treatments including waxing. We also show a short video of a fairly painless underarm waxing.

A collage of during and after eyebrow waxing
Before and after face waxing

Why waxing hurts

Some say sugar waxing is fairly painless, others not.

Pulling multiple strands of hair from the hair follicle should trigger the nerve endings causing an instant shock of pain.

Regardless, when waxing is done by a professional, you should never feel any burning or excruciating pain.

The pain level varies

The amount of pain will depend on; your personal threshold (of course some people are more sensitive to pain), how the person doing the waxing is doing it, and the type of wax being used. Usually, the pain should subside in a matter of seconds. 

Partly waxed female pubic zone
Brazilian waxing

Compared to other areas of the body, Brazilian waxing is the most painful because pubic hair is thicker than hair in other areas of the body. Hence, more force is required to remove the thick hair. The good news is, as long as you don’t shave in-between waxes, the pain lessens greatly after 2-3 waxing events.

Pain chart

This chart compares pain levels for different beauty treatments including waxing.


I usually advise new clients to begin with under-arms waxing and/or bikini waxing before proceeding to Brazilian waxing. Before I commence waxing, I always let the client know that she can always stop the session should the pain be too much.

Fairly painless underarms waxing

In this video, you will see how I do sugar waxing. I am using sugar paste to wax the underarms but the process is very similar for all body parts.

Is it time to switch from waxing to sugar waxing? Or you are done with shaving and want to start sugar waxing?

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Last Updated on August 11, 2022