Mobile Waxing Service

A gentle & hygienic hair removal experience using soft sugar wax with strips.

A mobile waxing spa setup in a client's hotel in Nairobi
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We bring the waxing table, clean linen, and disposable sheets. We need access to electricity contact to warm the sugar wax.

Waxing hair removal essentials used by Viv's in-Houz spa; talcum powder, sugar wax, spatula, strips, and coconut oil
A mobile waxing service station set up by Viv's in-Houz spa waxing professional in a client's home in Nairobi

How To Prepare For Brazilian Waxing

Removal of pubic hair in small batches during Brazilian waxing to minimize pain; shiny patch with sugar wax marked 2, and hairless patch marked 1
During Brazilian waxing
Smooth pubic zone after Brazilian waxing
After Brazilian waxing

Once we have prepped the pubic area, we apply the sugar wax and remove the pubic hair in “small batches”.

Noticed the “shiny patch” marked “2” with sugar wax, and the hairless patch marked “1”?

To minimize the pain further, we stretch the skin in the direction against the hair growth.

What to Expect During Sugar Waxing Hair Removal

Our Hygiene Routine Before Waxing Service

Full-body Waxing

Ksh 8000

Removal of unwanted hair on the full body; face till the toes.

Time Allocated: 90 mins

Brazilian Waxing

Ksh 3000

Removal of all hair on the pubic area till the ass or leaving only a ‘landing strip’, triangle, or whichever shape you want.

Time Allocated: 30 mins

Pictures & Video

Bikini Line Waxing

Ksh 2000

Removal of hair along the bikini/panty line.

Time Allocated: 30 mins

Collage of female client groin with hair popping out of the underwear and a hairless pantyline after waxing hair removal in her home in Nairobi
Hairy vs Hairfree bikini line

Legs Waxing

Ksh 2000

Removal of hair from your hips/knees way down to the feet.

Time Allocated: 30 mins


Under-arms Waxing

Ksh 1000

Removal of hair from your armpits.

Time Allocated: 15 mins


Waxing Combo

Ksh 5000 (saves 1000)

Brazilian + legs + underarms waxing

Choose the package if you are planning a beach vacation, wedding, and any time you want sparkly, silky, and smooth skin!

Time Allocated: 60 mins

Eyebrow Shaping

Ksh 300

The shaping of your eyebrows using a thread or sugar wax. This service is coupled with another.

Time Allocated: 15 mins


Face Waxing

Ksh 800

Removal of facial hair i.e baby hair, the upper lip, the chin, mustache, eyebrows, etc.

Time Allocated: 15 mins


Arms Waxing

Ksh 1200

Removal of hair on the length of your arms; the shoulder to the arms.

Time Allocated: 45 mins

Back Waxing

Ksh 2000

Removal of hair from your back i.e shoulder to waist.

Time Allocated: 60 mins

Stomach & Chest Waxing

Ksh 3000

Removal of hairs from your chest, stomach till the waist.

Time Allocated: 60 mins

Our Customers Stories

Sheila M

May 2022

Sheila says

Vivian was punctual and very professional. She talked me through everything she was doing during our session. She was also gentle and mindful of how I felt through the session.

I highly recommended her services. She also gave me after-care advice after the full body wax. I will definitely be using her services again.

Vivien K

Jul 2022

Vivien says

Thanks Vivian for the service! You were very gentle. Being my first time, the pain was very manageable.

I was planning to do just the bikini wax, I ended up doing my underarms and eyebrows! I highly recommend her 100%

Waxing FAQ

  1. How painful is pubic zone waxing?

    Majority of our clients say using sugar paste is fairly painless. The pain level varies by person and depends on several factors including your menstrual cycle.

    Regardless, when done by a professional, you should never feel any burning or excruciating pain.

    Read our post on preparing for your appointment with tips for a more pleasant and less painful waxing experience.

  2. How is waxing done?

    Application of sugar waxing on the brows and removal with a strip

    We apply soft warm sugar paste (sugar waxing) to the body hair. 
    A paper strip is then applied and pressed firmly adhering to the wax, and the wax to the skin. The strip is then quickly ripped against the direction of hair growth removing the hair with it from the follicles.

    Check out our blog for more details on steps in a waxing procedure.

  3. What are the benefits of sugar waxing?

    1. Nearly painless
    2. Hair removal from the root
    3. Smooth hair free skin for 4-6+ weeks
    4. Finer & thinner re-growth
    5. No ingrown hairs, cuts, or burns
    6. Suitable for sensitive areas
    7. 100% natural
    8. Allergy free
    9. Exfoliates your skin lightly resulting in smoother skin.

    Read further on the pros and cons of waxing and shaving/creams.

  4. Do you apply numbing cream?

    No, the pain is bearable and only lasts a couple of seconds.

  5. How long does waxing last?

    For beginners, it takes 3-4 weeks, for consistent waxers, it is 5-6 weeks or even more. The more consistently you wax, the less frequent will you need to wax.

  6. What type of wax do you use?

    Essentials for mobile waxing hair removal; wax warmer, sugar wax, talcum powder, strips and coconut oil

    We use warm soft sugar wax with strips; called sugar waxing.

    Sugar wax is made of sugar, lemon, and water and is hence safe even for the most sensitive skin.

  7. How is hair removal with sugar paste less painful than other types of wax?

    The sugar paste only sticks to the hair and not the skin. By pulling only the hair, you feel less pain and are less irritated.

  8. Why do you prefer soft sugar wax?

    Sugar wax dripping from a spatula

    1. soft sugar wax requires less preparation before application,
    2. it’s versatile; easy to use in big areas like legs and small areas like the bikini.
    3. We feel more comfortable using a spatula rather than fingers to apply the paste. (The ball of hard sugar wax is applied using fingers)

  9. Why should the hair be 1/4 inch(1.5 cm) long?

    Wax can’t adhere to the hair when it is too short. In an attempt to grab all the hairs, the therapist goes over the same area more times making the area more irritated. And at the end, you still remain with some hair.

    If not sure of how long 1/4 inch (length of rice grain) is, just don’t trim it and communicate to your esthetician that you might need a trim before the waxing.

  10. Do you bring the waxing table?

    beauty therapist with Viv's in-Houz spa poses with portable massage table in Nairobi to depict a mobile spa

    Yes, we bring a waxing table where the procedure is done. We also bring disposable sheets and all other necessary materials. We only need access to electrical contact to warm the wax.

  11. Is the waxing attendant female?

    Vivian Nyaga, a mobile waxing hair removal professional with Viv's in-Houz spa in Nairobi

    Yes, our waxing professionals are female. We only wax ladies.

  12. I have cuts and wounds from shaving, can I wax?

    No. I advise letting the wounds heal first before the procedure.

  13. Does full-body wax include the face?

    Yes, full-body waxing is from the face to the toes.

  14. How long after the Caesarian section should I wait before Brazilian waxing?

    I recommend 6 months to let the wound heal. Of course, some people heal faster than others.

  15. I have rashes from shaving, does waxing cause rashes?

    From personal experience and of most clients, waxing does not cause rashes. Some clients react to factory-produced sugar paste and for such clients, I cook the sugar paste afresh.

  16. Do you wax gents?

    No, we do not offer waxing services to men.

  17. I am pregnant, can I wax?

    Yes, waxing is perfectly safe during pregnancy.

    Due to pregnancy hormones, some ladies say they are more sensitive to pain, so it can be a little more uncomfortable.

  18. How soon can I have an appointment?

    We work with advance bookings; 1-60 days from today.

    All the slots currently available will be shown to you on the calendar on our booking page.

    You have more slots 1-2 weeks ahead if you combine services from different professionals in one appointment.

  19. Which areas do you reach?

    We visit residents throughout Nairobi county (except suburbs in the east).

    Our reach extends to nearby towns on the borders of Kiambu, Kajiado, and Machakos counties e.g Juja, Kiambu, Ruiru, Kikuyu, Tatu city, Ruaka, Syokimau, Mlolongo, Kitengela, Athi-river, Rongai, and Ngong etc.

    Check out our mapped service coverage to confirm your location.

  20. Can I book for someone else?

    Yes. Indicate on the notes for whom the appointment is if not for yourself.

Last Updated on January 8, 2024