Price Card

Clients often say it’s good value for money because the prices are delicately balanced between quality & sustainable service.

Waxing Hair-Removal & Brow Threading
Full-body waxingKshs 8,000
Waxing comboKshs 5,000
Brazilian waxingKshs 3,000
Bikini line waxingKshs 2,000
Leg waxingKshs 2,000
Arm waxingKshs 1,200
Underarms waxingKshs1000
Face waxingKshs 800
Brow threading/waxingKshs 300
We use soft sugar wax and strips
Massage Treatment
Swedish massageKshs 3,500|hr
Deep tissue massageKshs 4,000|hr
Indian head & massageKshs 2,000|0.5hr
Back massageKshs 2,000|0.5hr
Neck & Shoulder massageKshs 2,000|0.5hr
Foot massageKshs 1,500|0.5hr
Prenatal massageKshs 4,000|hr
Postpartum massageKshs 3,000|hr
Aromatherapy massageKshs 4,000|hr
Reflexology massageKshs 4,000|hr
Corporate massageKshs 2,000|20 mins
Lymphatic drainage massageKshs 4,000|hr
Sports massageKshs 5,000|hr
Hot stone massageKshs 5,000|hr
Exfoliation TreatmentKshs
Express facialKshs 3,000
Deep cleanse facialKshs 5,000
Standard body scrub Kshs 3,500
Coffee body scrubKshs 4,500
We use dead-sea based facial products which are safe for all
Basic mani &/ pediKshs 2,000
Gel manicureKshs 1,500
Gel pedicure Kshs 2,000
Stick-on gel manicureKshs 2,500
Acrylic gel manicureKshs 3,500
Overlay gel manicureKshs 2,500
Acrylics refill gel manicureKshs 2,500
Gel removalKshs 200
Prices for nailcare services
Travel Fees
Nairobi countyKshs 0
UtawalaKshs 300
Kiambu, Ruiru, Juja, Gachie, Tatu city, RuakaKshs 500
Rongai, NgongKshs 700
Syokimau, Mlolongo, Athi-river, KitengelaKshs 0/500*
(*Massage table fare)
Fare to bring spa services to different locations around Nairobi

Our service reach is as mapped below

Feel Nice (Saves 800)Kshs 5,000
Feel Fantastic ( Saves 1000)Kshs 9,500
Feel Amazing (Saves 1000)Kshs 7,800
Feel Awesome (Saves 1000)Kshs 6,800
Feel Fabulous (Saves 1000)Kshs 5,500
Discounted prices of bundled spa treatments

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Last Updated on February 5, 2024