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Brazilian waxing is an effective modern beauty procedure and not something obscene. Being prepared and aware of what to expect can help overcome the uneasiness and the awkwardness.

Below I outline what a Brazilian wax (also called full bikini wax) involves and how to prepare for your first and subsequent appointments.

  • Hairs should be about ¼ inches long.

The most common mistake made by women before their first waxing session is shaving. Wax can’t adhere to the hair when it is too short. I recommend trimming it to a quarter of an inch, about the size of a rice grain. If not sure of how long 1/4 inch is, just don’t trim it and communicate with the therapist that you might need a trim.

  • The time of the month matters

I don’t recommend scheduling a wax within 5 days prior to your periods. The skin tends to be extra sensitive during that period.

  • Gently exfoliate the area 2-3 days before.

Use a washcloth, scrubbing gloves, gentle body scrub, or homemade sugar scrub to exfoliate.

Exfoliation helps remove any dead skin cells and makes sure that when the wax is applied, there’s maximum wax-to-hair contact, rather than the surrounding skin, which makes it less painful to pull out.

  • Take a shower before the session

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth a reminder. Apart from feeling fresh for your wax appointment, taking a warm bath right before opens up your pores making the waxing process less painful.

  • Your lower half will be fully exposed

Before getting waxed, you will have to strip off your pants and underwear. For the simple bikini line style, you may have your underwear on.

  • It hurts some people more than others

A Brazilian wax is not a walk in the park for anyone, but the pain is worse for some than others. Virgin hair is usually coarse and thick, hence more stubborn to remove. As a result, you may see redness in the waxed area.

  • Determine the style and shape you want beforehand.

Here are a few options; 1) remove the pubic hair off the sides of your bikini line (bikini line waxing), 2) remove all the pubic hair from the vulva to your behind (Brazilian waxing). You can opt for the fully bare pubic zone, to leave a triangle or landing strip of hair on top.

  • Your waxing therapist will get up-close and personal, very personal.

Depending on how much hair you are having removed, the experience may involve a lot (for lack of a better term) spreading. In order to give your waxing therapist access to all spots you are getting waxed, be aware that you occasionally may need to assist or move into awkward positions. And no, it’s not awkward for me. Waxing is my job and I love it. I take pride in beautifying your pubic area.

  • Your skin may be irritated

Your skin is often red and irritated. Wear loose clothing afterward. Avoid friction on the waxed areas lest you may wind up with even more irritation or ingrown hairs in the waxed area. The redness should go away overnight.

If the irritation persists you can a hydrocortisone cream (available over the counters) to calm the irritation.

I hope that this post partially helped you feel less stressed and embarrassed about your first Brazilian waxing. And once you begin your waxing routine, DON’T shave in between the wax appointments.

Is it your first time waxing? I recommend starting with underarms and/or bikini line before proceeding to any other body part. Schedule your appointment here now.

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Last Updated on July 3, 2021

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