Massage therapy – 13 reasons to consider it

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massage therapy

In this article, you will learn about massage therapy, its therapeutic effectiveness, and its physiological and perceptual benefits.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a generic term that encompasses a wide range of touch therapies including Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, corporate massage, sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, oncology massage, infant massage, ayurvedic massage, etc.

Essentially, a massage is the application of manual pressure and the movement of soft tissue, with rhythmical pressure and stroking to obtain or maintain health.

13 benefits of massage therapy

From a consumer survey conducted in 2003, respondents who had a massage within the previous 5 years, 25% did so for soreness, pain management, or injury-related reasons, and 22% for relaxation or stress relief (2003 Massage therapy consumer survey fact sheet, 2003).

There are two fundamental approaches to massage: wellness and medical (Fritz, 1995). Below, I list supporting data sources of 13 physical and psychological health benefits of massage therapy;

Ongoing home massage treatment by Viv's in-Houz spa, a mobile wellness spa in Nairobi
  • Improves skin tone; the improved blood circulation helps flush out toxins from the body, reduces blood pressure, and improves the functioning of the body. This nourishment to the skin brightens it and results in all-over natural glow.
  • Helps improve sleep. Cortisol is responsible for sleeplessness, headaches and even some digestive problems. A massage lowers cortisol production by about 30% thus helping you have a good night’s sleep.

Closing remarks

We all get fatigued occasionally, and when unchecked, fatigue can get in the way of our lives. It can make it hard to follow routines and do simple tasks. A massage will help you relax and fight fatigue naturally, eliminating the need to use drugs or stimulants.

Scheduling a massage is a way of recognizing your worth and your desire to live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, doctors are increasingly recommending and sending their patients to massage therapists for rehabilitation and overall well-being.


Massage therapy comes with numerous physical, emotional, and psychological benefits that are positive steps in self-care. If self-care doesn’t make you happier and increase the quality of your life, what will?

Relaxation is a routine requirement and it isn’t practical to go to a spa every time you feel you need a massage. But the spa can come to you. Choose to live healthier by scheduling your massage now. We will bring the spa to where you are within Nairobi or the outskirts.

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Last Updated on July 26, 2022