Massage Services

Spa-quality massage therapy for relaxation & to free yourself from muscle tension and pain. I come equipped with all the tools and products to your location. Most clients do not need a massage bed. If you need a massage bed for an outdoor massage or massage in the office, I do bring the bed along, just indicate you need it when making the reservation. NB: I do not offer prenatal massage.

Swedish Massage

1 hr | Ksh 2,000

A gentle and relaxing and therapeutic massage using hands, forearms or elbows to apply pressure on the superficial layers of the muscle. This standard massage is great for mental and physical health.

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hr | Ksh 3,000

A massage with firm pressure and slow strokes reaching the deeper layers of muscles and the tissues surrounding the muscles. Great for pains such as the stiff neck, back pain, leg muscle tightness, or sore shoulders. Recommended for sports recovery.

Back Massage

30 mins | Ksh 1,500

A massage focused on the back only; the region just above the buttocks and ends just below the neck. A back massage provides substantial healing and pain relief for many
lower back problems due to relieve stress, fatigue, or back strain.

Shoulder Massage

30 mins | Ksh 1,000

A shoulder massage focuses on the muscles located around the shoulder region. The massage helps relieve stress, tension, and pain.


1 hr | Ksh 4,000

Essential aromatic oils from natural plants extract placed on the skin or inhaled through the nose. This alternative form of massage therapy helps improve and balance you emotionally as well as physically.


1 hr | Ksh 4,000

Complimentary massage therapy that applies gentle pressure to the feet or hands to stimulate the energy pathways in the body. Great for enhancing healing.

Foot Massage

30 mins | Ksh 1,000

A foot massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain.

Waxing Services

Professional waxing hair removal services in the comfort of your residence. No need to leave your home, the waxing specialist comes to you with all the tools and materials and offer personalized attention in a familiar environment and at your own convenience. I use sugar paste to give you a less painful waxing experience.

Brazilian Waxing

30 mins | Ksh 3,000

Removal of all hair in the bikini (pubic) area, or most of it leaving only a ‘landing strip’ or triangle.

Bikini Line Waxing

30 mins | Ksh 2,000

Removal of unwanted hair along the panty line i.e around the pubic area.

Facial Waxing

15 mins | Ksh 800

Removal of unwanted facial hair i.e baby hair etc.

Full Legs Waxing

30 mins | Ksh 2,000

Removal of unwanted hairs from the hips way down to the feet.

Under-arms Waxing

15 mins | Ksh 800

Removal of unwanted hairs from the armpits.

Full Arms Waxing

30 mins | Ksh 1,200

Removal of unwanted hairs on the full length of the arms, the shoulder to the arms.

Full Body Waxing

1 hr 30 mins | Ksh 5,000

Removal of unwanted hair on the full body.


15 mins | Ksh 300

The shaping of eye-brows using a thread. **To be booked with another service**

Beauty Services

Relax & glow at home with facial treatments and body scrubs. Get a professional at-home facial with masks, steam with hot towels, facial tools, and relaxing facial massage for a spa-like skin treatment. I come with my products from the Body Shop, Revolution or Face Facts.

Deep Cleanse Facial

45 mins | Ksh 4,000

Personalized facial skincare treatments including exfoliation, facials masks, peels, and massage.

Express Facial

30 mins | Ksh 2,000

Expedited facial treatment to reveal your healthy and youthful skin within the minimum time.

Standard body scrub

1 hr 30 mins | Ksh 2,000

Removal of dead skin with a body scrub leaving a healthy and glowing skin.

Coffee body scrub

1 hr 30mins | Ksh 4,000

A natural skin exfoliation procedure using ground coffee beans. Great for the nourishment of dry skin and promoting the growth of collagen.


Brazilian Waxing
After Brazilian Waxing