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Is waxing painful?

Definitely, pulling multiple strands of hair from the hair follicle triggers the nerve endings causing an instant shock of pain. Regardless, when waxing is done by a professional, you should never feel any burning or excruciating pain.

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Each of my waxing session is personalized to the client’s personality in order to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

The amount of pain will depend on; your personal threshold (of course some people are more sensitive to pain), how the person doing the waxing is doing it, and the type of wax being used. Usually, the pain should subside in a matter of seconds. 

Compared to other areas of the body, Brazilian waxing is the most painful because pubic hair is thicker than hair in other areas of the body. Hence, more force is required to remove the thick hair. The good news is, as long as you don’t shave in-between waxes, the pain lessens greatly after 2-3 waxing events.

I usually advice new clients to begin with under-arms waxing and/or bikini waxing before proceeding to Brazilian waxing. Before I commence on waxing, I always let the client know that she can always stop the session should the pain be too much.

The chart below gives a rating of pain from waxing and comparing it with other beauty treatments.

How to make waxing less painful

Follow the tips below to have a less painful waxing experience;

  1. Don’t wait too long between appointments. The longer you wait, the more and thicker your hair will get. And it will hurt more and take longer to wax. In the end, the more you wax, the less you will need to wax, as waxing reduces the strength of the hair follicle. Over time, hair regrowth will become sparser.
  2. Don’t schedule a wax during the week before your periods. The pain is worse as you are more sensitive and hair growth tends to increase then—so your wax job won’t last as long. Book a week or two after the periods, it should hurt less.
  3. Consider scheduling first-thing-in-the-morning appointment and get done with. Anticipation is the worst part of getting waxed.
  4. Don’t trim the hair or shave in-between waxes. It makes hair not adhere well to the wax requiring more stripping and therefore more pain.
  5. Waxing with sugar paste, also called sugaring. Sugaring is just like waxing using a paste made of sugar, lemon and water, instead of organic beeswax. Why is sugaring less painful? Because the paste does not adhere to the skin, unlike beeswax. And thus, only the hair is pulled without pulling the skin. In my practice, I always use factory-made sugar paste. I also cook the paste personally, for clients with extra sensitive skin.

In this video, you will see how I do waxing. I am using sugar paste to wax the underarms but the process is very similar for all body parts.

Best days to wax

After waxing, your skin is tender and sensitive and might become red if you are light-skinned. It is, therefore, better to wax on a Wednesday or Thursday so that you are good to go for the weekend, both for bedroom matters and/or outdoor activities.

Is it time to switch from waxing to sugaring? Or you are done with shaving and want to start sugaring?

Here, you can conveniently schedule your at-home appointment.

Up next in the series will be: what not to do after waxing and how often you should wax. Got any questions/feedback for me? I would love to hear about it. Just log in and leave a comment or leave a message. Chat/Call me on 0789 195400.

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