Sugar Waxing – Home Service

We are Experienced & Skilled to Help you Achieve a Hair-free, Smooth & Even Skin with the Mildest of Pain.

Full Body Wax

1 hr 30 mins | Ksh 5,000

Removal of unwanted hair on the full body; face till the toes.

Eyebrow Shaping

15 mins | Ksh 300

The shaping of eye-brows using a thread or sugar wax. **To be booked with another service**

Brazilian Wax

30 mins | Ksh 3,000

Removal of all hair in the bikini (pubic) area till the ass, or leaving only a ‘landing strip’ or triangle.

Bikini Line Wax

30 mins | Ksh 2,000

Removal of unwanted hair along the panty line i.e around the pubic area.

Facial Wax

15 mins | Ksh 800

Removal of unwanted facial hair i.e baby hair, the upper lip, the chin, moustache etc.

Legs Wax

30 mins | Ksh 2,000

Removal of unwanted hairs from the hips way down to the feet.

Under-arms Wax

15 mins | Ksh 800

Removal of unwanted hairs from the armpits.

Arms Wax

30 mins | Ksh 1,200

Removal of unwanted hairs on the length of the arms, the shoulder to the arms.

Picture Yourself Hair-Free


What type of wax do you use?

I use warm soft sugar wax with strips and not a ball of hard cold sugar wax. Sugar wax is made of sugar, lemon, and water, and is less painful than other types (beeswax or synthetic) of wax because the paste never sticks to your skin.

Is waxing painful?

It is bearable pain. Pulling multiple strands of hair from the hair follicle triggers the nerve endings causing pain. Regardless, when waxing is done by a professional, you should never feel any burning or excruciating pain.

How is sugar wax less painful?

The sugar paste only sticks to the hair and not the skin. By pulling only the hair, you feel less pain and are less irritated.

Do you do sugaring?

Yes. Even though I use the term waxing, what I actually do is sugaring since I use sugar paste, so yes.

I have cuts and wounds from shaving, can I try waxing?

No. I advise to let the wounds heal first before waxing.

I have rashes from shaving, does waxing cause rashes?

From personal experience and of most clients, waxing does not cause rashes. Some clients react to factory-produced sugar paste and for such clients, I cook the sugar paste afresh.

How long does the hair take to grow back after waxing?

For beginners, it takes 3-4 weeks, for consistent waxers, it is 5-6 weeks or even more.

It is my first time waxing, how should I start?

I always recommend that first times start with underarms and proceed to other body parts. If the pain is unbearable, you can always stop the waxing session.

Does full-body wax include the face?

Yes, full-body wax is top to toe.

Why do you prefer soft sugar wax?

1. soft sugar wax requires less preparation before application,
2. it’s versatile; easy to use in big areas like legs and small areas like the bikini.
3. I feel more comfortable using a spatula rather than my fingers to apply the paste. (The ball of hard sugar wax is applied using fingers)

Where is the service done?

The waxing is done on your bed, I bring along a clean set of linen so that your bed stays clean. Please ensure easy access to electricity contact.

How long after CS should I wait before Brazilian waxing?

I recommend 6 months to let the wound heal. Of course, some people heal faster than others.

What Other People Say About Us

No pain – Christine Karimi

Having a past painful experience with waxing I took a whole year break from waxing, contacted @Viv’s spa for a new trial, and am impressed, no pain, no bleeding, and the hygiene observation is 👌🏻

Best waxing – Fiona Ongesa

Great work and amazing customer service. She is very professional. Best waxing I have ever experienced in the comfort of my home. I highly recommend Viv’s in Houz Spa

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Last Updated on September 20, 2021

Last Updated on September 20, 2021