Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you come with a massage bed?

Yes, when requested I do bring the massage bed. I ask Kes 3000 to cater for transportation of the bed.

Do you attend to men?

No, unless when it is a couples booking or when service is booked via the wife or girlfriend.

Are the prices negotiable?

No, the prices are fixed.

Where are you located?

I am mobile and deliver the services at your preferred location. Either your home, office, hotel, airbnb, garden etc.

How long does the hair take to grow back after waxing?

For beginners, it takes 3-4 weeks, for consistent waxers, it is 5-6 weeks or even more.

Do you do sugaring?

Even though I use the term waxing, what I actually do is sugaring since I use sugar paste.

Do you come to Kiambu?

Yes, I also serve customers bordering Nairobi in Kiambu county. I ask a fare of Kes 500 to come to Kiambu.

Do you come to Athi river?

Yes, I do serve customers bordering Nairobi in Athi river and Mlolongo. To come to such neighborhood I ask for fare of Kes 700.

I have cuts and wounds from shaving, can I try waxing?

I advise to let the wounds heal first before waxing.

I have rashes from shaving, does waxing cause rashes?

From my personal experience and of my clients, waxing does not cause rashes.

Do you offer pre-natal massage?

No, I do not offer pre-natal massage?

Does the massage include private parts?

No. My massage services do not include the private parts,

Do you do fertility massage?

No, I do not offer fertility massages.

It is my first time waxing, how should I start?

I always recommend that first times start with underarms and proceed to other body parts. If the pain is unbearable, you can always stop the waxing session.