Home Facial & Body Exfoliation Treatments

We cleanse your skin of pollutants, impurities & excess oil.

Each treatment is tailored to your skin’s specific needs; help with acne, healing, or repairing, repairing, and nourishment.

Deep Cleanse Facial

45 mins | Ksh 5,000

The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, masking, toning, moisturizing, and a facial massage.

Express Facial

30 mins | Ksh 3,000

The expedited treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, toning, moisturizing, and a facial massage. It skips steaming and masking.

Standard body scrub

45 mins | Ksh 2,500

Removal of dead skin with a synthetic body scrub leaving a healthy and glowing skin. You can choose between Menthol and Grape scrub.

Coffee body scrub

45 mins | Ksh 4,500

A natural skin exfoliation procedure using ground coffee beans. Great for the nourishment of dry skin and promoting the growth of collagen.

Picture Your Home Exfoliation Experience


  1. What are the steps of a deep cleansing facial treatment?

    1. Cleansing; to remove harmful environmental pollutants, impurities, and excess oil.

    2. Exfoliation; to remove dead skin cells.

    3. Masking; for a deep cleanse and brighten the complexion.

    4. Steaming; to open up the pores, soften blackheads for easier removal and promote circulation.

    3. Extraction; to purify the pores and remove blackheads.

    5. Toning; to close the pores and give your skin a smoother and more polished look.

    6. Moisturizing; to protect the skin’s barrier from irritation, reduce dryness, and revive your skin from dryness.

    4. A facial massage; to flush out toxins and excess fluid to relieve congestion, improve circulation, depuff, define, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and relax facial tension resulting in improved health and appearance of the skin.

  2. Do you do men’s facial?

    Yes, but only when the wife/girlfriend makes the appointment on behalf of their man.

  3. Do you do (pre-)teens facials?

    Yes. Because of their sensitive skin we prefer to use gentler home-made facial treatment for them. Contact us to make a reasonably priced quote for you.

  4. What are the benefits of getting a facial?

    We’re always shedding & growing new skin cells. A facial helps get rid of the dead skin cells which otherwise hang onto you causing problems like breakouts, scaly patches, etc

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

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