Body scrub treatment – All you need to know

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In this post, you will learn what a body scrub treatment is and its benefits.

We also give details on when and how often to get a body scrub, the materials used during a body scrub treatment, and what to expect during your body scrub appointment.

What is a body scrub treatment?

A body scrub is a popular body treatment that is basically a facial for the body.

It sloughs off dead skin cells and rubs away hard and flaky skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. There are body scrubs that have topical benefits as well that remove toxins and promote healthy cell turnover.

Body scrubs usually include an abrasive material, usually sea salt, sugar, or ground coffee, mixed with an aromatic oily base that moisturizes and soothes your skin as it is scrubbed.

What is used to apply an exfoliating body scrub?

  1. Exfoliating brush. This is usually a bristle brush used on the face or body to remove layers of dead skin cells.
  2. Exfoliation sponge. These are a gentler way to exfoliate the skin.
  3. Exfoliating glove. If you find brushes or sponges difficult to grip, you can use a glove.

When to exfoliate

Lack of exfoliation leads to a build-up of dead skin cells and could result in dry, dull, patchy, flaky skin, clogged pores, with uneven skin tone.

To know if you need to exfoliate, just do a simple touch test. This approach works for any area of skin on your body. If you touch an area and it feels dry and/or rough, it might be time to exfoliate. It is important to note though that if this same area is also irritated, red, or itchy, that is a sure sign not to exfoliate.

How often should you exfoliate?

Because the skin is delicate, you should only use body scrubs once or twice per week. If you’ve never used a body scrub before, make sure you do a sensitivity test of the body scrub on a small patch of your skin.

Be careful not to over-scrub. Though your body skin is heartier than the skin on your face, it is susceptible to irritation. Always moisturize after you’ve dried off for smooth and nourished skin.

Health benefits of a body scrub

  • Just like the skin cells on your face, the cells on your body regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. That turnover process slows as we get older; to give it a nudge, reach for a body scrub.
  • As you massage it over your body, the exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin, and the rubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes hence increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. Furthermore, your post-wash moisturizer will be better able to soothe and hydrate your skin.
  • Being mindful of the refreshing texture against your skin and the captivating scent that fills the shower allows you to enjoy the treatment as it is happening—an experience that can lift your mood and affect your outlook as you continue your day or evening.

Can I wax before a body scrub?

The best practice is to exfoliate before waxing, rather than after waxing. This is because, “exfoliating removes dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, which keeps your skin clean, unclogs your pores, and helps you achieve better results after waxing.

What to expect during a body scrub

When I first arrive at your accommodation for your appointment, I will offer a variety of scrubs or the coffee scrub. If you like, I can scent your exfoliant with essential oils that have aromatherapeutic and relaxation effects like jasmine and lavender.

After you select the one you like, the following happens:

  1. You will undress and lay cozy on your bed or my massage bed. Don’t worry, you will have full privacy, can still wear underwear, and can cover yourself with a towel!
  2. I will scrub your body in sections while the other areas are covered with your towel. On each section, I will massage your body gently while I rub an abrasive product onto your skin thus taking away the dull top layer of your skin.
  3. I will wipe off the body scrub, there will be some exfoliants left on your body so it’s best to take a shower after.
  4. When you are rinsed and dry, I will apply a moisturizing lotion or oil to prolong the beautiful effects of the full-body scrub. Anything you apply to your skin after using a body scrub will be absorbed more rapidly. A hydrating body lotion is the most important after-scrub product to help seal moisture in your skin.
A client lays as the coffee sits on the skin after a scrub with coffee
Letting the coffee sit on the skin after the scrub

How long should it take to see results after exfoliation?

This has a double answer. After just 10 minutes you should see an improvement in your complexion if done properly. However, for the real long-term and highly noticeable results, it can take 6-8 weeks.

Extra tips for a DIY body scrub

  • Since your skin regenerates the most at night, it may be most beneficial for your skin to exfoliate in the evening instead of in the morning to soak up all the benefits.
  • You can make your own buffing scrub with ingredients like olive oil, honey, raw sugar, ground cloves, oatmeal, and even ground coffee. Adding your favorite essential oils to the mixture transforms your shower into an aromatherapy session.

Last Updated on August 8, 2022